Why Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good?


A bedroom is your sleep heaven and thus what furnishings goes into it should be considered carefully. The furniture that should be in your bedroom should be comfortable and beneficial to your sleep and relaxation. The most critical aspect in your bedroom is the mattress and the bed. You should buy the best mattress India as it offers good sleep quality and is also durable. Memory foam is the most popular type of bedding as it provides many advantages, read below to learn more about it.

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress:

Memory foam is made from a polymer called polyurethane. This type of foam is the most basic type and is found mostly in sofas, car seats and mattress. The most durable type of foam is the memory foam as it is high-density and thus provides excellent support and relief from pains and aches. Another significant advantage is that it lasts longer than a spring mattress.

Better spine care: One of the significant advantages of memory foam is that it uses your body pressure to adjust the foam to your shape. That is due to the viscoelasticity feature these foams provide; the body heat is used to soften the foam to make it viscous. That allows the mattress to mold to your shape and when you get out of the bed, the foam returns to the original form using the elasticity feature. Due to the viscoelasticity of these foams, people who sleep on it get a better quality sleep as it provides excellent support to your spine.

Relieves aches and pain: If you are wondering if you buy orthopedic memory foam mattress online, will it ease pain and soreness. It does!. The memory foam mattress has a unique combo of support to the spine and relief from pressure point which prevents pain and also provides relief from aches. This type of bed is also recommended for people with arthritis. It offers proper alignment, contours according to body shape and reduces pressure on joints providing great comfort during sleep.

Is useful for all type of sleepers: You may be a back, side or stomach sleeper these mattresses support all kind of positions. It is designed in such a way that it provides support to every part of the body without applying pressure on sensitive areas. The black sleepers get a spine and lumbar support, for side sleepers it aids the shoulders and hips. For stomach sleepers, it prevents back pain. Memory foam mattress online India has many options and price ranges.

Mitigates dust allergy: As per a survey conducted, a mattress that has been used for a couple of years will have 1 lakh to 10 million dust mites which can lead to dust allergies. It can be mitigated by using a memory foam mattress as it is made of polyurethane foam which has fibers which prevent allergens from getting accumulated on the bed, unlike standard mattresses.

Easy maintenance: Unlike standard mattresses, the memory foam mattresses are low-maintenance. Due to the fibers in polyurethane, dust mites do not get collected. Vacuuming and rotating it a few times a year is all the care these mattresses need. There is no need fo flip it often or no springs to fix as it lasts longer.

Memory foam mattresses offered by online sites like Wakefit will help you sleep through the night. But a thorough research has to be conducted on your needs and the type of mattress you should buy before you make a decision. Though there are many great benefits of memory foam, there are a few disadvantages too, but the pros far outweigh the cons. The primary advantage of these mattresses is that it offers excellent comfort and a good quality of sleep.