Sports Podiatry – Facts You Should Know


As such, feet are important for everyone; but they are especially important for athletes. Almost for all sports, you need your feet.

However, there is a major issue with sports and general fitness and it’s that the feet take an enormous load of punishment, injuries, pains, aches and discomfort that could be easily avoided.

In case of issues of feet of athletes, a highly helpful branch of medicines is sports podiatry. It would be definitely useful for you to know more about it.

What is Sports Podiatry?

Sports podiatry is the medical speciality that addresses the diagnosis and treatment of issues of lower limb including that of ankles and feet. To know more about podiatry, visit A sports podiatrist can provide advice and suggestions for a correct type of footwear that an athlete should wear during sports activities.

He can also make suggestions for beneficial accessories for an athlete and training programs helpful in dealing with lower extremity problems.Sports podiatry is also useful for determining whether a person’s leg alignment and stability is optimal and whether it is enough to perform a particular sport or not.

This is determined with specially created biomechanical assessments and if the person is found to be not having such an optimal alignment and stability, a sports podiatrist can advise about which measures can be taken to improve the condition.

When to Take Help of a Sports Podiatrist

Issues for which you should see a sports podiatrist Sydney like ModPod Podiatry, e.g., are many and are not limited to pain or injury. Some of them include:

For Better Performance

A sports podiatrist is regularly visited by a lot of runners as well as endurance athletes, even if they don’t have any issues in their lower limbs.

The purpose of the visit is to ensure their lower limbs are flexible, free from pain, mobile and can perform a full range of motion. This helps them to perform better in their chosen activity.

To Avoid Injuries

It’s absolutely true that prevention is better than cure. This is another reason sportspersons should visit a sports podiatrist regularly.

A sports podiatrist can prescribe warm up programs, training programs, recommendations for exercise and right kind of footwear and design various movements and exercise themselves, which can protect athletes’ feet from injuries.

For Treating Injuries

There is always a risk of injury in sports and general fitness activities, and for persons with lower limb injuries as well as general pains, it will be often due to a mechanical issue, an imbalance in the body or a general sports injury.

Sports podiatrists can diagnose the problems and treat them accordingly.

What to Expect in a Visit to a Sports Podiatrist?

If you are visiting a sports podiatrist for the first time and don’t know what happens in their clinic, expect your sports podiatrist to analyse your walk.

For this analysis, they will most probably use a gait scanner, a pressure-sensitive pad that checks how your feet are able to make contact with the ground, where you apply pressure, how forcefully you step and how you change the pressure while moving.

Along with using a gait scanner, the sports podiatrist will also analyse your walk visually and supervise the series of motions.

It is the way the energy you utilise to walk passes through your body, from feet, through knees, hips, in the back.

This will allow the sports podiatrist to recognise any fault in your movements that could lead to an underlying issue.

Once the sports podiatrist recognises the issue, he will prescribe a treatment plan depending upon your particular issue.

So, when are you planning to visit a sports podiatrist?

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