Selecting the Right Size for Your Breast Implant Surgery


Breast implant surgery continues to be one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures around the world. It’s considered to be a very safe procedure, and it’s quite routine for many cosmetic surgeons.

One of the decisions that patients need to make about their breast implant surgery relates to the size of their implants. It can be tempting for someone who has desired larger breasts for many years to simply opt to go as big as is possible. But there are some things that should be taken into consideration in order to ensure that the patient is completely happy with her results.

How to decide the right size?

For an example, patients at Dr. Sharp’s breast surgery clinic will learn that the size of the breast implant should reflect both lifestyle and aesthetic goals. The decision must also take into consideration a number of long-term factors. These could include your overall health, your comfort levels and the natural aging process.

Improperly sized breast implants will lead to poor results.

There are some questions to ask yourself prior to settling on the size for your implants.

  • Do you want a natural look? Or are you okay with a slightly or very obviously augmented look for your new silhouette?
  • Will the augmentation surgery have an impact on your overall lifestyle?
  • How will implants affect clothing choices?
  • Will the size selected today still make you happy in another five or ten years?

What are the risks of going too large?

If the implants are not proportional and balanced well for your body type and your height, there are good odds that you won’t be satisfied with the outcome of the procedure. One of the issues seen most often is that women make the mistake of giving into the want for dramatic results. This can lead to implants that are simply too large to look natural.

As a general rule, overly large breast implants can look wholly unnatural and lead to a number of potential risks. These could be back pain, shoulder and neck pain and also the thinning of the tissue around the breasts. Sagging could also soon be a concern.

Can implant size really affect lifestyle?

If your lifestyle is one that is active, then it’s important that you understand just how implants may impact your workout routine or the activities that you engage in.

Larger implants will move more during some activities, including running or jogging. This can become uncomfortable and even lead to pain.

Discuss with your surgeon all of your activities and the sports that you participate in. This will help you to work together to determine the right size, by taking those activities into consideration.

Making the decision to get implants is not one that most women take lightly. It can also be a costly investment to consider. Ensure that you are getting the best results from your breast augmentation surgery, by working with your surgeon to select the size that will give you the best and most natural silhouette. You’ll be much more satisfied by natural-looking results than by those that look obviously augmented.