Release the past


We all have our own share of good and bad memories. Good memories make us happy and brings smile on our face whereas the bad memories are there to make us feel bad about the person or situation. Often we are asked to move on and let go the feelings that makes us sad in life and this can only be doen by forgiving the parson who is responsible for it.

However, Letting go the feelings is a conscious choice made by a person and it involves mental strength along with physical actions. The process can be painful and time taking as it is hard to forget and forgive the pain a person has suffered in the past. The situation often arise conflict in life when mind and heart start to sing different songs and pursue the person to sing song of their choice. But in my opinion, listening to your heart and letting go the feelings that have made you cry in the past is the best decision not for others but for yourself. It will not just help you at present but also release you from the worries of the future. The grudges and worries you carry in your heart will serve you nothing except disruption from your present and future happiness.

Letting go the feeling sis a conscious choice that you make to no longer recite and ruminate things that were and are out of your control with trying your best in doing things you are good at. It helps in creating a fresh start with removing the dust from you mind and heart. With having clear view you will be able to grasp the opportunities for your bright future. But it takes a lot then just advises you receive when you plan to let go the things and move forward. As a gentle reminder about what it takes to let go things and feelings you have in life. Just check whether you have them or not-

Mind control- as a human we are blessed to carry the most complicated thing in the world, our mind. Our mind has the power of becoming our biggest ally or our worst enemy, but it is up to us what we make it. If you have good mind control then you can make a happy universe for you with breaking the unhealthy cycle of bad feelings, thoughts and ideas. With better mind control we are able to see the reality and will stop summiting to past memories.

Express it out- most of the times we struggle hard to carry the emotions in our heart and feel strong by doing so but the true strength is not in carrying the feelings in our heart but it is in expressing them out. You can choose different methods of expressing these feelings like writing, rhyming a song or simply making a video where you are pouring out your feeling. Believe me by doing this you will feel happy and content.

Letting out your feeling sis a choice you make for yourself and not for others. decide and make your life happy.