Post Lasik eye washing instructions


LASIK is an efficient and fairly harmless treatment. It is capable of treating a number of refractive errors, such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The procedure itself entails essentially no pain and supplies quick healing. Though the vision will be blurred immediately after surgery, visual acuity will be restored within a few days. Nevertheless, it takes about 3 to 6 months for the refraction to stabilize. It is vital that you perform a scrupulous postoperative program in order to boost the healing process and avoid unnecessary issues. For an in depth look into Lasik .

Prevent rubbing your eyes for a minimum of the very first week after LASIK surgery. The corneal flap cut out throughout the surgery needs significant time to heal. Unnecessary rubbing might unintentionally intensify the injury. You must likewise take severe care to avoid soap, hair spray or shaving lotion from entering your eyes. The eye surgeon will typically offer you with a postoperative package, which may include a set of eye shields/goggles. Wear them while you are sleeping, at least for the first three nights after surgery.

For at least a week after LASIK, avoid water from entering your eyes, considering that water prevents the natural clotting system, and for that reason might postpone the healing procedure of the cornea. You must likewise cancel any swimming plans for a minimum of 10 days following LASIK at the . You need to not wear eye makeup for at least one week after LASIK.

Contact sports are to be prevented for at least a week or two following surgical treatment. Additionally, it is recommended that you wear some kind of security equipment for your eyes for duration of a month, after resuming workout and other sporting activities. Brilliant sunlight may result in scarring, and for that reason, sunglasses are advised on bright days till the cornea heals.

To summarize, though you will able to resume your normal lifestyle within a week approximately after LASIK surgery, it is vital that you protect your eyes to avoid injury or infection. And since the corneal flap does not heal immediately after surgery, you should prevent cleaning your eyes for at least a couple of days after surgical treatment.

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