Popular cannabis product used for medical purpose


Kush cannabis can be classified in several different ways. The resinous flower is categorized as sativa, hybrid or indicia that can be based on the morphology of the plant. But the cannabis can be further categorized through a vernacular that is defined by the popular culture Such as Kush, haze, and purple. These are the terms that can be referring to the types of cannabis characterized by district smells, flavors, and geographic regions.

 Characteristics of Kush cannabis

Kush is something different cannabis that is from the Hindu Kush Mountains. This mountain range spans the Afghanistan- Pakistan border and it is one of the geographic regions where the cannabis plant grows natively.

Appearance: It is deep green colas and leaves with hints of purple. Pistils can look in orange, bronze or rust colored. Buds can be dense, chunky and knotted that comes from squat.

 Smell: Aroma can be varying between earthy, floral, pine hash spice and herbs.

Effects: Introspection is a common effect of the Kush as well. These cerebral effects can make a strong case for Kush as a meditative variety of cannabis. You have to keep in mind that this cannabis can vary from Kush strain to Kush strain. The effects are typically heavy and sedative.OG Kush crosses that are usually coupled with the bright euphoria that puts the smile on the couch looked consumer.

 Popular Kush cannabis strains

  1. OG Kush

 The most famous among all the Kush is OG Kush. It is the sweet spot on the indicia that dominant hybrid scale. This strain‘s comfortable yet potent sedation coupled with an uplifting euphoria make it the perfect strain to feel good with OG Kush.

  1. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush only first comes to our mind when we think about Kush. Because this strain is stony and sedative, weighing the consumer to the couch as though they were wearing cement boots with matching a cement tracksuit and stately cement trench coat. Bubba Kush may also ignite your appetite and try not to fall asleep in front of the fridge when spooning a box of Eggo waffles. Use cannabis in a good manner.