Non-surgical Butt Lifts: A Better Alternative To Surgery


Today, non-surgical butt lifts is definitely a revolutionary change. Unlike the surgical procedure which is a deliberate insertion of fat in the required area, non-surgical treatments utilize an FDA approved, dermal filler named Sculptra. Contradictory to the earlier procedure, this collagen stimulant focuses on improvising the texture and volume of the said area.

  • A regular routine can be continued    
  • Post-surgery

On selecting Sculptra, you can go about your daily activities immediately. Just like undertaking an injection, there might be occurrences of slight pain in the region. But if you are going through a surgical procedure of butt lifts, you will be hospitalized for a few days. Not just that, you cannot take up any normal activities for a minimum of two weeks. The rectified area will be in compression garments. Regular reddening, swelling, and pain can also be noticed. In specific cases, if the right care is not given to the treated area, the swelling will cease to reduce and may be prominent for weeks and months. Further, you may also need to arrange a caretaker.

You need not pay heed to all these aspects if you go for a non-surgical butt lift. As far as pain is concerned, a numbing substance named lidocaine is used in the inflicting area. You can even go and follow your normal exercise routine the day next to your treatment!

  • Pre-surgery

In the case of surgical lifts, a number of precautions have to be undertaken. Aspirins and certain herbal medications need to be evaded. Hydration is also a very important factor to be taken care of. Non-surgical procedures do not have any of the above complications.

  • No scarring

Post a surgical procedure, your sleep and sitting positions are also to be monitored. This is to ensure that you don’t get a huge noticeable scar. In the case of Sculptra, there will be no scarring. The procedure will be completed in not more than two to three sittings. If maintained properly, its results are long-lasting and will sustain for up to three years. Further, since it not a surgical operation, it is safer as well.

  • Economical

Surgery is always on the costly side. Sculptra is economical and comes well within your budget. Moreover, only two to three sittings are required.

So if you are a middle-aged woman with an unsatisfactory butt, Clinique anti aging butt lift can be your best bet.