Methadone Detox Program – How Methadone Abuse Can Be Fatal?


Methadone’s chemical structure is different than that of opiates like morphine, heroin or Vicodin but associated dependency symptoms are equally challenging to overcome. Therefore methadone detox is recommended. Detoxing helps to taper the drug effect, so that withdrawal symptoms don’t set in as soon as the drug is completely stopped.

What to expect when you join the methadone detox program?

Kansas methadone treatment starts with initial health assessment. Variables like age, underlying mental disorders, family history, frequency and even the amount used is considered, so as to create a suitable treatment plan. In addition, daily group and individual therapy sessions get incorporated with the treatment plan.

Withdrawal symptoms of methadone

  • Fever, body pain and chills
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Increased heart rate and body sweat
  • Mood swings
  • Intense craving for more methadone
  • insomnia

Methadone gets stored in fatty tissue, so takes long time to leave users body than most substances, so withdrawal symptoms may last long [6 weeks minimum]. Withdrawal symptoms may possibly set in after 1 to 5 days of last use. If the victim stops using without any professional support then the withdrawal symptoms can possibly be worse. Therefore detox is the first step mentioned in a methadone treatment program to effectively and safely eliminate methadone traces.

How managing one addiction with methadone can be dangerous?

If you know your near one is abusing methadone than it is time to intervene. Start with helping process. Abuse can cause addiction. Basically, methadone is legally prescribed to quit from opioid addiction like heroine. It is a substitute recommended for recovering from heroin addiction and gains some sobriety. It acts like heroin but simultaneously allows victim to wean from heroin.

Unfortunately, methadone tolerance gets established quickly, so methadone users need more every time. This leads to abuse of methadone and the symptoms can be breathing issues, twitching, nausea, low BP, and even death. So, prior the abuse turns worse it is wise to intervene and take support from methadone detox program.