Learn About Tooth Whitening Methods in This Article


Tooth whitening can be a highly effective method of lessening the natural shade of your teeth minus removing the tooth surface. This process can’t make an entire color change, but it will certainly lighten the prevailing shade. Professional bleaching is considered the most common process of tooth whitening. Here, your dental team will tell you whether or not you are ideal for the treatment and this purpose, it will supervise you thoroughly. At first, the dental team will place a gel or a rubber shield on your gums for protecting them.

After this, they will apply the whitening compound on your teeth through the use of a particularly made tray which would fit into your mouth similar to a mouth guard. The vital compound present in the product is commonly carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, and when the vital compound gets broken down, then oxygen enters the enamel on your teeth, and as a result, the color of your tooth becomes lighter.

The reason for getting whitened teeth

There are many reasons for which you might wish to have your teeth whitened. As everyone is different, so their teeth vary too. Only some people are gifted with brilliant-white teeth, and most people get discolored teeth when they get older. It is highly possible for your teeth to become stained on the surface with food and drinks, like coffee, tea, blackcurrant, and red wine. Again, smoking too can result in stained teeth. Tartar is also capable of affecting your teeth color. A few people might have staining which can be caused by some antibiotics of through small cracks in their teeth that take up stains. Go through this article for more information on stained teeth and the process to whiten them.

Getting the finest results

Whitening is meant apparent outcomes in just an hour, but home whitening can take some more time. The results of these teeth whitening do last for nearly three years, and the fact is the outcomes of whitening do vary from one person to another. The impact will last for a brief period when you eat, smoke or drink things which can stain your teeth. Again, you are highly required to brush and floss your teeth regularly for maintaining good hygiene. This article will provide with some important information that you must know before starting the treatment process. The excellent thing about teeth whitening is the symptoms of whitening aren’t adverse and disappear within some days only.