In what ways does GNA Programme helpful for candidates?



GNA program helps in preparing students for the role of a nursing assistant under the supervision and guidance of other senior nurses. GNA programis ideal for those who have done CNA program and after that opting for the GNA course and the minimum eligibility of a candidate should be 18 years and older.

TIME TAKEN FOR THE COMPLETION OF GNA IN BALTIMORE The gna program consists of three parts which are as follows-

Theory- This deal with the theoretical knowledge about the basic services which patients should get. Here students are taught about the principles of infection control, proper communicating ways with the patients, measuring of vital signs and many other tasks. These classes take nearly involves different strategies like demonstration classes, group discussions etc. This classes takes time of about 17.5 hours and can even be increased.                                                                                                                        Laboratory- This deal with the practical classes along with the theoretical knowledge to learn various skills in handling patients like transferring, ambulating, positioning and moving patients, feeding, maintaining proper hygiene etc and other work.  The practical classes are very helpful in boosting up the confidence of students. These practical classes take a time of 20 hours.                                                                                                                                                                                   Clinical-   The clinical classes are also very important part in GNA course as it helps to experience their work under the guidance of a registered nurse, through these classes students working experience increases along with skill development. This class takes the longest time among all i.e. of about 37hours. Clinical classes externship gives a long-term facility of GNA classes in Baltimore and its surrounding areas along with orientation facility.

Therefore the course can be completed in three weeks and can even be increased up to  four weeks it depends ,which includes basic nursing skills like grooming, proper maintenance of hygiene ,about nutrition, toileting, methods of infection control, tackling patients in friendly manner and treating them properly such as safely lift, moving and positioning of patients. After the completion of this course, a candidate is ready to perform his/her duty in the role of a nursing assistant under the guidance of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.


  • One should possess a license of the CNA (certified nursing assistant) otherwise without this license will not be able to register for GNA course.
  • Should have photo ID and social security card.
  • Candidate should bring the complete fill in the enrollment application at the time of registration, either downloaded or printed both are acceptable.
  • Proof of certain medical tests like Hepatitis B vaccine, Tuberculosis, and current health physical examination report.
  • The last but very important is the registration fee. It can be a credit card, cash in hand or money order, any of these are acceptable.


For this course, one should go for a certified institute like us to have the high-quality knowledge and practical classes with the latest equipment and a garage for parking which is free for the candidates of our institute. We help students in preparing for their examinations and guide them which gives a positive attitude and their confidence level increases. The success rate of students of many private schools and colleges in Baltimore is very high and have been on the top list for a few years as we work very hard to provide the best education possible.