How to Talk to your Partner about your Erectile Dysfunction Problem?


Have you ever thought about the most difficult thing you are going through at present?

No – we are not talking about your erectile dysfunction problem, since it can be taken care of with the help of medicines like cipro 500mg; we are talking about the way you are supposed to talk to your partner about it! Maybe you’ve been dating this person since quite some time now, but if you are directly going to go and shock her with the news, it is going to be a little difficult for her to gulp it down her throat.

First of all, you have to accept the fact that erectile dysfunction is not a major thing; it is something that a lot of men go through. It is just that you need proper medication and treatment for the same. Once you have found the right kind of medicines, nothing can be better than that. You can get back to your normal life and have an awesome time with your partner, once the medicines that you use start working on your erectile dysfunction issue.

Secondly, you have to bring the news to your partner in a decent manner. You have to ensure that the place is right and you let her know how much you love her and seek support from her for this. Just because you have erectile dysfunction, it does not mean that you don’t deserve to date or be in a relationship. It is something that can always be treated and thus, you should let her know about it.

Lastly, break the ice and talk to her about it. Tell her she means the world to you and you need a couple of weeks to get back to the “making love” mode.