learn to improve your memory and concentration

How to Improve Memory Power and Concentration


The general myth of good memory: this is a gift with which few people are born. Many adults believe they cannot do anything to constantly forget the facts and the things they should or should have done. They think forgetting is not a serious threat. However, for those who want to improve their ability to remember information, there are several simple but effective ways to improve memory capacity.

Mental exercise is the key to increasing the power of memory. The lack of exercise makes the body inactive and lethargic, and the lack of mental exercise has the same effect on the mind. Train your mind often, repeating everything you want to remember as soon as you recognize it. This is very useful, especially when memorizing phone numbers and dates. Repetition is an easy way to increase the power of memory, but it works even for a long time.

Another good mental exercise is to present how you will use certain information in the future. For example, when you meet a man for the first time, imagine that he will meet him again after a while. So you probably remember the name of the person at the next meeting. You can also use other mnemonic methods, such as rhymes and word associations that can teach you how to improve memory power.

When you learn to improve your memory and concentration, be sure to do what you like or do not do. Your first step should be to learn the techniques you find personally interesting. Even this exercise will help you concentrate and concentrate on a mental task that will improve your memory. Here are some methods you can use right now to improve the power of your memory.

  1. If there is something that is difficult for you to remember, try to see it from a completely different point of view:

If you need to remember something that is based on mathematics and you hate mathematics, try to translate some formulas into more specific objects. For example, use a diagram to memorize a formula to calculate the volume of a cylinder.

  1. Using repetition is an excellent way to increase concentration:

If you repeat certain words or phrases over and over again in your mind, you will close these phrases in your long-term memory. Be sure to think of each word to reinforce the memory of each word.

3. Exercise can increase the amount of oxygen that enters your brain:

Try to perform at least 30 minutes three times a week. This will increase the amount of oxygen that enters your brain, which will improve your ability to remember.

Good luck with your goal to improve your memory. I know you will improve your ability to memorize concepts and abstract objects if you perform the above techniques daily.

The researchers concluded that people who were well rested and used cdp choline dosage showed much better feedback than those who did not sleep well. Well-rested people were able to consolidate and strengthen their memory. They also came to the conclusion that sleep helps to consolidate and strengthen their memory, and during sleep their brain actively activates memories that strengthen their memories the next day after a good night’s sleep.

A simple replacement for life number two improves your fitness

You can increase the power of your brain and recover your memory just by doing a little exercise. Whatever your physical condition, you can improve. The benefits of improving your physical condition will also improve your memory. There is a real science called “uniting the body of the mind”.

Within your body there is a physical connection between the brain and the muscles, this is known as a “neuromuscular junction”, and the chemical exchanges that take place between your mind and the muscles are necessary when it comes to your ability to move.

Difficult to train your mind to remember things?

Let tools like paper and pen help you. Write down any important information on a sheet of paper or a sticky note so you can easily retrieve it when necessary.

Mental exercise as one of the ways to improve the power of memory can not make you a genius, but it will certainly help you overcome oblivion.