How Medical Crowdfunding is Impacting Childhood Cancer


Paying for an expensive medical treatment isn’t easy. In a country like India, most households struggle to feed their children more than a single meal a day and pooling in lakhs of rupees to treat medical conditions is unimaginable for these families. The few that are able to turn to loans from banks or friends are burdened further with the promise of payback. Many underprivileged patients simple choose to remain undiagnosed and live with their condition, believing there is no way to access healthcare at an affordable price.

This persisting issue builds the core cause of the medical crowdfunding industry. On a crowdfunding platform, a low income patient can access a variety of features that help her spread the word about her condition and accept contributions towards her recovery. Though crowdfunding began as a way to fund social projects in India, the massive bills posed by the healthcare industry encouraged platforms to take in medical fundraisers as well. Today, over 50% of funds raised on platforms are for medical causes.

One of the most commonly crowdfunded conditions is cancer. Crowdfunding India websites like Impact Guru have seen thousands of campaigners in the last few years alone, raising funds in a matter of weeks or even days to pay for treatment of cancers like Leukemia.

Ezekiel, a baby who now fights a life-threatening condition

Ezekiel is a two-year-old child. He has an impressive collection of soft toys he loves playing with. However, Ezekiel battles the intense symptoms of Leukemia. The disease is still in its initial stage and doctors have noted that young children are particularly resilient when it comes to conditions like Leukemia, with timely diagnosis and treatment. Ezekiel suffers now, but has high chances of a speedy recovery.

However, his prescribed chemotherapy and radiotherapy, coupled with the doctor’s consultation charges and hospital stay amount up to nearly Rs 10 lakh. Unable to afford such a colossal sum at a short notice, Eric Pereira, the baby’s father, was at a loss. After desperately combing the internet and approaching family and friends for solutions, Eric stumbled upon crowdfunding India. He found Impact Guru’s website and after briefly exploring the various other medical fundraisers that had successfully raised funds, he started his own mission to save his son.

In minutes, Eric was able to create his fundraiser and share his son’s story with hundreds of potential donors. He shared his page incessantly on social media, encouraged his family and friends to spread the word further and in just over a month, his fundraiser raised Rs 7.2 lakh!

Eric is close to reaching his goal! With support from a few more well-wishers, he can pay for his son’s treatment procedures and bring him home soon. Join this determined father in his efforts. If you know someone in dire need of funds for a medical procedure, consider crowdfunding today!