Fragile Cheap Glass Pipes


The internet has brought many advantages to the human race, like the ability to learn and do so much at the touch of just a few buttons. It allows us to stay in immediate contact with people all around the globe, preserve documents, photos, and information practically eternally, and facilitates all kinds of research to an unimaginable degree. Among all these incredible benefits brought to us by the internet is the power to purchase something from across the world and have it delivered to you. Online shopping is a fact of life for most Westerners at least, and stoners in particular may rejoice in their being able to purchase all kinds of marijuana paraphernalia discreetly online, like bongs, grinders, and ridiculously cheap glass pipes. With great power, however, comes great responsibility. In this case, a responsibility to look around for quality products for great prices, instead of choosing the first 5$ dollar pipe you see on any old sketchy online store.

There’s many reasons for this line of thinking, but first and foremost is the fact that anything sold at a price too good to be true is almost certainly hailing from the fabled homeland of cheap manufacturing, China. Looking at this from a very broad perspective means that A) you’re funding very cheap labor, most likely in poor working conditions, and B) not supporting local business. A good start is to look for reputable online vendors that produce their products in your home country (if you come from a country with solid manufacturing regulations anyways).

If that’s a bit too macro for your thinking, then consider this next. That 5$ cheap glass pipe will likely only last you a few weeks before an inevitable accident shatters the thin cheap glass it was made from. Rinse and repeat this process a few times and you’re looking at 15-20 bucks, plus shipping costs most likely. There are tons of businesses in this market which provide stellar quality smoking devices at moderate prices like these and a pipe from them will most likely last you much longer and not need to be replaced.

Lastly, on a slightly sensationalist notes, there have been quite a few recorded cases of people ending up hospitalized after inhaling fine glass dust which was on the inside of a pipe they’d bought from China. So if you do get yourself something real cheap, at least give it a thorough cleaning before using it.