Expert Vein Doctors Perform Cutting-Edge Veins Treatment at Metro Vein Centers


One of the top concerns of women nowadays is their varicose veins problem. Varicose veins are twisted swollen veins that are predominantly visible in the legs and in other parts of the body. This condition is the result when the one-way valves that allow the blood to flow to the heart become damaged or weak back up in the veins.

The swelling of the veins results in varicose veins. Over the years, medical experts have done a plethora of studies to solve this problem common to women. Interestingly, Metro Vein Centers, with the help of its expert medical specialists, is now offering non-invasive varicose veins treatments.

Getting To Know One of The Experts at MVC

One of the vein doctors in Metro Vein Centers is Dr. Ali Meslemani. He is currently the chief medical officer at Metro Vein Centers. Aside from supervising and training medical specialists, Dr. Meslemani has spent his career studying and treating venous diseases and several other vascular issues. He finished his post-graduate training at Henry Ford Hospital’s Department of Surgery and at KCM.

Dr. Melemani is an active member of various medical organizations. This includes The American Venous Forum, American College of Phlebology, American College of Phlebology, and the American Medical Association. He earned his Doctor of medicine degree from the Ross University of Medicine.

The vein doctor finished his undergraduate in Biomedical Science at Western Michigan University. He published several materials specializing in enhancing minimally-invasive surgical techniques in laparoscopic surgery. He practices his expertise and impressive background at the Metro Vein Centers where he served as a mentor to other vein doctors.

Treatments Offered At Metro Vein Centers

MVC offers various options tested and proven effective in treating varicose veins. All of the treatments are in-office, safe, and almost pain-free procedures. Additionally, the treatment plans are developed based on the severity of the patient’s condition. This includes RFA or Radio Frequency Ablation, EVLA or Endovenous Laser Ablation, and Sclerotherapy.

RFA or Radio Frequency Ablation uses radio waves to treat the root cause as well as symptoms of varicose veins. At MVC, the procedure usually lasts for an hour with minor discomfort during recovery. The recovery from this minimally-invasive procedure usually takes a few hours.

The EVLA or Endovenous Laser Ablation uses a laser beam to help treat the cause and the symptoms of varicose veins. This minimally-invasive procedure requires local anesthesia and performed in-office. The procedure usually lasts for under an hour causing minor discomfort and fast recovery time.

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard in the treatment of spider veins and other small-sized varicose veins. This procedure is typically used to treat deformed blood vessels, hemorrhoids, and varicose veins. Sclerotherapy includes injecting a medicated sclerosing solution in the targeted blood vessels. Unlike other procedure, this one only takes ten minutes.

About MVC

Founded in 2006, Metro Vein Centers has 12 centers located across the US. The company has centers in Texas, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. MVC specializes in the treatment of spider veins, varicose veins, and other venous problems.

There is a wide range of treatment options that doctors perform at MVC. All of these treatments are the latest in the medical field. Metro Vein Centers houses highly-skilled, board certified, and experienced specialists who will prescribe the most appropriate treatments for their patients’ vascular problems.

Each center is equipped with the latest technology, medical specialists, and properly trained medical staff to ensure that the patients get the best care. MVC provides a complete range of clinical procedures to not only treat the symptoms but also target the root cause of venous conditions while enhancing the patient’s appearance. Metro Vein Centers is constantly looking for ways to enhance the practice of vascular medicine through various pieces of research.