Expert Tips to Avoid Back Pain


Do you often have back pain? Do not panic, if the pain is not too strong, you probably have to change some habits. Postures, massage, food, experts will give you four tips to avoid back pain.

I Unlock My Tensions

We locate the point of acupuncture located between the two breasts, in the hollow of the sternum: it is the solar plexus. It’s a strategic point which accumulates all tensions and stress. With the index finger and the middle finger, one presses moderately on this hollow, and one mass in a circular way, in the sense of the needles of a watch, at least a minute.

I’m Learning to Sit

First, you never cross your knees. The buttocks well set in the bottom of his seat. He unrolls his back by pressing against the backrest, starting with the lumbar so as not to arch. Without tightening the shoulder blades or tense: the shoulders are simply relaxed, which has the effect of opening the chest.

I’m Massaging My Vertebrae

We are inspired by yoga, with a basic to consume without moderation. Lock your knees with your arms. Balancing on the buttocks, tilt back and forth, pressing your column against the ground, to the back of your neck. For the sneak a peek at this site you can have the perfect deal now.

The goal: to feel “roll” each vertebra on the carpet, please, so as to massage them. We inhale in the back; we exhale to the front, gently, in a trickle of air.

Excess fat causes heaviness in the stomach that does not promote the range of motion, including the famous opening to the outside. On the menu: clear soups or broths, grilled meat skewers, raw fish, cabbage salad purgative wish and rice.

I adopt qi gong posture

Our general attitude results from a constant adaptation between two factors: the gravity that attracts our body down, and our muscle tone that ensures a more or less good maintenance.

Well camped on your legs slightly apart, the pelvis forward, the top of your body symbolizes the branches that rise to the sky. The shoulders are relaxed, the chest opens, which frees the diaphragm. Your spine becomes the link between the ground and the sky, and the energies circulate.

The first thing to know is that the human body is not made to stay in a sitting position as long as a day’s work lasts. The human body is made to move and not to remain in a static position. Workstations in offices are often not adjusted. Some employees have multiple screens on their desks, so they do a lot of head rotations to navigate from one monitor to another which is prone to pain if you do not pay attention. The chairs are not ergonomic either. Some employees may also work on laptops, so the screen is not at the correct height. The head is tilted down, which can cause pain in the neck.