Embark on a Healing Heroin Addiction Treatment


In today’s world, everyone has a host of options available for their entertainment and relaxation. This list includes alcohol and drugs. However, these are labelled “moderately dangerous” due to a reason. Once you get hooked on to it, you will not be able to stop. Let us keep alcohol on one side and come to drugs. Occasional recreation like heroin, cocaine, weed etc has been proven to harm your health and you can be dead sure that once you start taking it, you are going to be hooked. Addictions, however, do not have happy endings so after the breaking point, people look for options to get clean. This is where Infinite Recovery comes in. Based out of Austin, Texas, their Drug Rehab program has been designed in an effective way. Let us look at some key features of their heroin addiction treatment program.

  • Peaceful environment – The first thing that you will notice when you come to the centre is the pleasant, homely environment that surrounds you. Six residences cover the entire campus – three for men and three for women). Clean with bright colours and a variety of decorations to fill the walls, these residences are a delight to stay in. The serene, no-distraction environment is definitely an added bonus.
  • Tailor-made program – Everyone’s story is different and Infinite Recovery acknowledges that. Their programs vary according to the parameters of your addiction. Expert physicians are employed to build your detox plan which will help you get back on track with your life. These programs follow 8 steps usually, as listed below.
  • Intervention – Intervention is when you start with the admissions counsellor. Infinite Recovery is there with you from the start of the journey, escorting you to their centres. This step includes family consultations and certified experts who are going to help the patient.
  • Detox – This step is the patient staying at a distraction-free campus where you have an on-site medical team ready to help you anytime you need.
  • Residential treatment – Detox and residential treatment could be merged into the same step if you want. Infinite Recovery schedules yoga sessions and meditation practices to help ease out your withdrawal period. On-site nursing, medical and psychiatric care is there for you all the time.
  • Extended Care PHP – This step involves dynamic family counselling with a mix of customised yoga sessions. These yoga sessions are tailored especially for you, keeping in mind your past history and traumas.
  • Intensive outpatient – Whatever your requirements, you will get a program suited for you in the heroin addiction treatment. Daytime sessions, as well as night-time sessions, are available and all under the scrutiny of a master’s level clinician on board. You can indulge in the individual as well as group counselling in the Infinite Recovery centres.
  • Sober Living – Once you get a look at the peaceful, calm habitat they have created on campus, you would understand the beautiful experience you are going to have when you are a patient.
  • Family – One of the very special parts of the heroin addiction treatment is that they understand how important your family is for you. Family counselling is available in the centre as well as over the phone, according to your preference. All of this is available for no extra cost.
  • Alumni – The Austin centres hold special parties on the campus for the alumni with free drinks and food. Even after your detox program, you get recovery check-ins and monitoring to keep you on the right path.

Getting rid of addiction can be truly terrifying but Infinite Recovery takes you through the process in a guided and structured way – a path designed for you by experts in the field who have had a look at your addiction history. As they say, “the darkest of nights is followed by the brightest of sunshine.” – The heroin addiction treatment at Infinite Recovery only strives makes those dark nights as easy for you as possible.