E- juice – how to make your choice?


Vape juice is also known as e-juice is a special liquid that is heated by the vaping devices to produce vapors that are inhaled and exhaled as you do with a normal tobacco cigarette.  There are a lot of choices when compared to normal tobacco smoking as far as e-juices are concerned.  The reasons for which you may opt to vape could be different, and this could well influence the type of vape juice that is suitable for the purpose.

The reasons or purposes for vaping

Though there can be a number of reasons the most common reasons cited by a number of users of best cheap e juice from E-liquid Mate include:

  • Vaping to reduce the frequency of smoking
  • Vaping for recreational purposes
  • Vaping for weight loss

Vaping to reduce the frequency of smoking

If you are opting to buy an e-juice to reduce the frequency of tobacco smoking, you should be choosing an e-juice that have nicotine content. This is because the smokers would be used to a certain level of nicotine that they crave for. When you are going to alternate the smoking break with an e-juice, if it does not have the required level of nicotine chances are that they might revert to tobacco smoking again. There are a number of menthol or tobacco flavored e-juices with different percentage of nicotine in them, which would be ideal to suit the purpose for which you are buying the e-juice.

Vaping for recreational purpose

This refers to the youth population who are actually first-time users who wish to vape as a matter of curiosity. The wide range of fruit and dessert flavored e-juices with either a small percentage of nicotine or 0% nicotine can be the best e-juice that is safe yet good enough to serve the intended purpose.  As a guide, the choice of e-liquid for this purpose should be one that has high VG content.

Vaping for weight loss

This is a fairly new concept. The logic behind this is that vaping will help reduce the craving for food that would happen when you quit smoking. The dessert flavored e-juices might help reduce the craving for food and help in weight loss.

Choose the right e-juice to reap the rewards you expect without much side effects.