Choosing to buy the medicines online


More and more of us are choosing to buy our medications online. Indeed, it is possible to order on the websites of authorized pharmacies, drugs that do not require a prescription. This allows you to compare prices, often cheaper on the internet but also to make purchases quietly from home. A real plus for people who are not very comfortable in a pharmacy, confidentiality is often undermined. This service is also very convenient for those who do not have a pharmacy near their home. However, to secure your purchases, it is better to immediately take the right reflexes. To know more about Medical Condition seeks professional help.

Buy drugs from an online pharmacy

Easy to access and ultra simple, buying your prescription drugs online is within everyone’s reach. However, even if this service offers many benefits, it is important not to shop at any site to take any risk to your health.

Beware of counterfeits

The main risk of buying drugs online is counterfeiting. Indeed, on the internet, many falsified medicines are sold every day, despite the regular stalking and closing of fake drug sales sites. A falsified medicine often contains no active ingredient or the wrong dosage. It can also contain toxic substances, harmful to your body. Counterfeits concern all types of medicines, generic or not, even those requiring a medical prescription whose online sale is prohibited. So how does one go about not running any risk?

Check the list of authorized online pharmacies

To make your purchases safely, it is necessary to check that there is indeed a real pharmacy behind the site you have chosen because only physical pharmacies are allowed to sell drugs on the internet. To identify authorized sites, the National Association of Pharmacists provides a regularly updated list of online sales sites for medicines authorized by the Regional Health Agencies (ARS).

Make sure a pharmacist is available to inform you

The site where you place your order must offer you a way to reach a pharmacist, by phone or email. Indeed, just like in a classic pharmacy, you can get advice on a drug, its indications or its dosage. It is also necessary that the site makes you fill out a questionnaire before any order to alert you if a medicine has a contraindication in your case.

Check the privacy of the website

An online purchase must be completely confidential and secure   data, personal questionnaire, order history, it is necessary that all this information is protected. For this, the website must be hosted by an organization authorized to receive health data. You will find on the website of the Ministry of Health, an official list of authorized hosts.