Can a personal trainer teach you barre?


Unless you are a ballet dancer, barre may not be too familiar. These days you don’t have to be a dancer to reap the benefits. All over Portland, personal trainers helping with weight loss are using Barre in fitness for strengthening and weight loss. Here is what you should know of barre peaks your interest.

What is barre exactly?

Derived from ballet, barre uses a series of moves from the dance along with Pilates and yoga. The series gives a full body workout, including strengthen training and cardio. Participants in the class use a barre to maintain postures and stay in position during certain moves.

Some personal trainers also include free weight moves and floor exercises for your core. Techniques include high reps with smaller movements.

Fitness benefits of taking a barre class

Barre fitness is a quick class that targets all areas and gets you fast results. Exercises within a barre class work to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body. Each exercise pills from your core, so you strengthen your abs the entire time. The combination of Pilates and yoga makes it a good way to relieve tension.

The class includes cardio, so you burn calories and lose weight. It burns even more calories than the average cardio workout because it focuses on strength training. You can also improve your posture and flexibility.

How personal trainers teach barre

Like most fitness classes, the personal trainer teaching barre will warm you up. You will do exercises to open the chest and back while working biceps and triceps. Next comes the barre exercises. Finally, the trainer will cool you down with a stretching routine.

For some, a huge perk will be the freedom to do the class barefoot. When you a ready for a rewarding change, book a barre class with a personal trainer near you in Portland.