Breaking The Misconception About Birth Control Pills


There is a widespread misconception among commoners about contraceptive pills. This topic aims to alter those misconceptions and change the thoughts of people regarding the medicine. The birth control pills of くすりエクスプレス contain hormones to prevent pregnancy. One must take it every day, and it is a safe, effective and affordable way to prevent pregnancy. The timely administration is necessary for the pills to work and it offers several health benefits. Progestin-only and combination pills lighten periods, reduces menstrual cramps and lowers risks of ectopic pregnancy. The combination medicines also reduce acne, prevents thinning of bones, reduces iron deficiency, etc.

No cancer

People misunderstand the capabilities of birth control pills by thinking that it causes cancer. Recent research proves that the concept is correct in theory but never happens in real life. The surprising fact about contraceptive medicines is that it significantly reduces the risks of ovarian cancer. So, the contraceptives from ベストケンコー cure you instead of promoting cancer. It also lowers the chances of contracting colorectal cancer and endometrial cancer. Contraceptive pills increase appetite, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it makes you fat. You accustom yourself to the hunger once you continue taking medicine for some time.

No sterility

Individuals fear contraceptive pills because of another common misunderstanding about infertility. Taking a birth control pill every month to stop ovulation doesn’t alter the functioning of the ovaries. The tablets from ベストケンコー bestow rest upon the ovaries which favor future pregnancies. Birth control medicines remove any irregularities in menstrual cycles, and the effect sustains even after discontinuation. Taking contraceptives for an extended amount of time doesn’t impair ovarian functions. In return, it amplifies the chances of conceiving a baby profoundly. So, if you’re in need of contraceptives, you can have the pills without worrying about any contingencies.