Boost Your Testosterone Level by Using DIM


DIM can help men to increase not only their testosterone levels, but also bring down the risk of cardiovascular diseases and help in reducing hormone-sensitive cancers. The scientific name of DIM is diindolylmethane, which has got the constituents of few vegetables like kale, watercress, Brussels sprouts and broccoli etc.

All the clinical research about DIM was focused on the treatment and prevention of cancer only. However, it has shown good results in many other applications too. One of the positive effect found was that DIM is a testosterone booster for men and also has the ability to balance women’s hormones, testosterone as well as estrogen levels. As a matter of fact, DIM was earlier recommended mostly for women as it can help in regulating estrogen level, however now it is found to be very effective in improving the overall health of men too.

DIM for men

Low level of testosterone can cause not only a number of diseases, but also lowers the quality of sex life and energy. The physical performance of men also deteriorates. Therefore, many people go for testosterone replacement therapies.

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DIM has therefore gained its popularity as it has the ability to elevate the testosterone levels in a natural manner without causing any kind of negative side effects. Most of the other testosterone therapy methods adopted so far was tablets, injections, sprays, ointments which resulted into various side effects like increase in anger level, swollen testicles, loss of hearing and prostate cancers etc.

However, by using DIM, men could balance their testosterone, estrogen and other hormones without any kind of negative side effects. Women on the other hand produce estrogen in the ovaries, fat cells and adrenal glands and men have to convert their testosterone into estrogen.

Till 1990, it was believed that estrogen is not too important for men and it was considered to be only meant for moderating female reproductive variables only. Now we know that estrogen is needed by both men and women. Estrogen can serve many different purposes in more than 2 dozen of different molecular forms.

DIM helps men to maintain plenty of free testosterone in their system. Therefore, there is no need to boost the testosterone level by using any testosterone replacement therapies that only causes various side effects.

Dim is also useful for men in reducing bodyweight particularly for those who have accumulated lots of fat around the breast tissues.