Best Glider for Petite Moms


Becoming a mother and feeding the new born baby is an exciting, emotional and pleasant experience. Child in mothers arms gets mother’s touch and feels safe and secured while taking breast feed.

At the same time it is pertinent for mothers to feel relaxed and comfortable while feeding. Especially petite moms, with light body frame, need a comfortable sitting arrangement suitable to their petite body frame to have a comfortable posture during and post feeding period.

In present time, lot of attention is paid to the baby nursery and furniture required. People spend lot for not only seating arrangements for nursing mother for breast feeding but also for comfortable sleep for the child.

For nursing mothers, gliders and rocker chairs not only add style to the nursery but also facilitate moms to feed comfortably.

Most parents remain in dilemma while choosing nursery chair whether to buy a stationary chair, rocker or glider.

Gliders & Rocking Chairs

The glider or platform rocker is a type of rocking chair that moves as a swing seat. The entire frame consisting of a seat attached to the base by a double-rocker four-bar linkage. These are gliders and are used as nursery furnishing to facilitate mothers in feeding newborn babies.

Rocking chairs on the other hand have arch shaped base and hence rock in arc whereas gliders move forward and back though some of those swivel as well. Since, pinch points are moved away from the floor, gliders are considered to be safer for pets and toddlers. Most new parents opt for gliders for safety reasons.


Gliders assume more importance especially in case of petite moms because such mothers need a chair in which their small frame is comfortably adjusted while breastfeeding. However, care should be exercised while choosing the best glider for petite moms so as to provide a congenial environment to mothers to feed their new born.

Qualities of a comfortable glider

While buying a glider for child’s nursery, you should look for chairs with wide padded armrests which will allow moms to comfortably position themselves. Also, consider the height of back rest of the glider that needs to be suitable to the height of the petite mother. Before finalizing the most suitable and best glider for petite moms, it is better to try sitting in the chair holding the breastfeeding support pillow. That will give them a fair idea about the cushion of the seating area and padding of the chair.

The smooth rocking, gliding motion of glider can be a great tool to help soothe a crying baby and induce peaceful sleep without putting a strain on the mom. Avoid buying chairs with sharp edges or exposed hardware for the safety of your baby.

While looking for the best glider for petite moms, you must try for the one with an attached foot rest or have a separate ottoman. Since petite moms have light body frame, consideration should also be given to the chairs with lumber support so as to prevent back pain caused by bad posture while breast feeding.

The glider chosen for moms to breastfeed their little angels in comfortable and congenial environment go a long way in raising and grooming them with a loving and emotional parenting.