Audiologie Centre- Ouest is the leading hearing aid organization


Human body runs on a kind of natural mechanism. It has its own way to treat with the diseases and show the symptoms about these problems. Science and technology have come up with fantastic solutions to all the human problems and diseases. If you have a vision problem, there are glasses and lenses, if a heart problem then you can overcome it with a bypass surgery and if you have a trouble with hearing then you have specialized hearing aids and surgeries. Technology has become so much advanced in this age that you get even the unmanageable hearing problem rectified and cured.

There are various such organizations which have developed technologies beyond the human imagination. This charisma of science and technology can be seen at the Audiologie Centre-Ouest. They are the leading service providers to aid with the hearing problems in the patients. This clinic offers the patients advanced hearing testing and rectifying services. They assist the patients of any age group and offer screening, identification and also offer rehabilitation.

Some of the notable problems offered by this center are

  • Like other hearing aid centers, they have the modernized technology and offer specialized services which are not available at any other centers.
  • They assess the auditory systems in people of all ages.
  • They offer review and assess the tinnitus and which is further certified to use therapies like Tinnitus Retraining Therapy.
  • The Audiologie center assists in the assessment of vertigo or balance problems.
  • The center also assists with the forensic services to help succeed in investigations of crimes.
  • They provide the necessary training on the hearing health issues and treatments. They have special workplace and school’s environment.

Other Evaluation services

  • Most of the time there can be hearing issues with the newborn babies. This can be a genetic disorder or improper development of the organs. But with the latest techniques like otoacoustic emission technique, they perform the screening of the babies either newborn or up to 6 months old in age.
  • Not only with the newborn, have they helped in diagnostic evaluation with all the age group persons like toddlers, children, and adults.
  • They offer a pre and post assessing of the hearing problems.
  • They also sale the hearing plugs and musician plugs to solve the hearing problems
  • To get a specialized appointment, you can reserve the booking by calling on their helpline number or you can book it online.