Are You In Perimenopause?


Before a woman enters the stage of her life where she in menopause, first, she must go through a stage called perimenopause. This stage begins several years before menopause, and it usually starts off with same symptoms every time, which makes it easy to diagnose.

It is quite common for perimenopause to begin somewhere in the 40s, however, it can also start as early as mid-30s as well. As you might guess, perimenopause lasts all the way until menopause, and the main difference between the two are the menstrual cycles.

Menstrual cycles during perimenopause

The most important sign that you have entered perimenopause are irregular periods, which do not necessary have to delay your cycles ever time, but instead, they can make them come sooner, such as every two or three weeks, while also making them come later, up to a couple of months.

There are no rules when it comes to period irregularities, but according to the Australian Menopause Centre as well as medical studies, perimenopause lasts until a woman has been without a menstrual cycle for twelve months, which then makes her officially enter menopause.

How long does perimenopause generally last?

It really depends from person to person, as everyone has different perimenopause and menopause symptoms, and everyone’s body reacts differently. While the average length of perimenopause is about 4 years, sometimes it can last just a couple of months, while it can also last for 10 years as well.

Solving perimenopause issues will certainly make you smile more

What are the symptoms for perimenopause?

The symptoms one experiences during perimenopause are quite similar to those during menopause, and there are quite a lot of them out there. The ones that are easily noticeable are hot flushes, breast tenderness, fatigue, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and sleep deprivation.

Hot flushes are definitely the symptom that everyone always complains about to the doctor, because it is quite uncomfortable when you are experiencing this symptom, as it can manifest at random moments, and it cannot be controlled without any medications. During hot flushes, the patient will be overwhelmed with heat, and the affected area will become red and sweaty.

Mood swings are the second symptom that is not that easy to handle, especially for women who work in some important positions, as their emotions can have quite a big impact career. Just like hot flushes, mood swings cannot be controlled, and they can go either way.

Sometimes, a person who gets a mood swing will express their emotions a bit too much, however they can experience the opposite emotion instead. It is very important to check out perimenopause treatment made by Australian Menopause Centre and other medical centers when it comes to perimenopause symptoms, as it will definitely help you with your situation.

You can also check out Australian Menopause Centre – Facebook for all kinds of information regarding perimenopause and menopause, including the list of symptoms, how they manifest themselves, and of course, the treatment to those symptoms.

Medicine is the best solution

Final Word

Since medicine has evolved quite a lot, women are no longer obligated to suffer through certain menopause symptoms that are a part of perimenopause or menopause. Just because something is considered natural, that does not mean that you have to withstand that, especially when the solution is within very simple and easy to access medication.