5 Reasons Women Replace or Remove Their Breast Implants


The removal or replacement of breast implants is not uncommon and there are a few different approaches that you can take:

  • Complete implant removal
  • Implant removal paired with a breast lift
  • Removal and replacement using existing implants
  • Removal and replacement with new implants
  • Implant replacement paired with a breast lift

Surgical results are different for everyone and there’s no way to tell whether or not you will end up removing or replacing your implants. A good way to start a healthy surgical journey is with the right surgeon and as much information as possible.

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Top Reasons Women Replace their Breast Implants

Size changes. This is probably one of the most common reasons why women choose to replace their breast implants. However, this can be avoided by choosing a surgeon who can help you choose the right size implant for your body shape.

The age of your breast implants. Your breast implants only last for an average of 10 years so they will need to be replaced eventually. With that being said, if you notice any changes in the size and shape of your breasts before then, it’s important to check in with your surgeon.

Capsular contraction or rupture. Smoking puts you at a higher risk of capsular contraction, which can be a reason why your implants need to be removed. Albeit rare, a rupture can also occur and lead to one or both of your implants needing to be replaced.

Implant movement. In some cases, implants can also move around in the breast pocket, which means you will need to have them moved in a second surgery.

Lifestyle changes. Finally, some women choose to have their implants removed because they no longer fit in with their lifestyle.

Before you undergo breast augmentation, take the time to discuss the pros and cons as well as your lifestyle with your surgeon who can provide you with some professional feedback and explain the things you need to be aware of.

While it’s ok to have new implants put in, especially when it’s to treat a complication, it’s always better to take the time to choose the right shape and size the first time around to avoid unnecessary secondary surgeries. And it all starts with doing enough research on potential surgeons.

What to Look For

Your surgeon should always be a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and specialise in breast augmentation. A surgeon who is unwilling to share their qualifications, credentials and experience is most likely not the right choice.

Next, look at what past patients have to say about their surgical experience with the surgeon you’re considering. Reputable surgeons usually have patient reviews on their websites or you can find them online. Finally, don’t forget to review a surgeon’s before and after gallery to get an idea of what they’re capable of and whether they can produce the results you’re hoping for.