5 Critical Conditions Cured by Radiation Therapy


Radiotherapy is an effective treatment for a wide range of critical health conditions. It cures cancerous diseases that can’t be treated with medications.

This technique uses radiations such as x-rays, gamma rays or electron and proton beams to kill off cells that cause cancerous. It prevents them from reaching other body parts so that you can live a healthy life.

Radiation therapy can effectively cure critical health conditions. Here are 5 of these conditions:

1.     Brain Tumour

The brain tumour refers to the growth of abnormal cells in your brain. Whether these cells are cancerous or non-cancerous, they can build up pressure inside your skull. It negatively affects your brain and endangers your life.

If you often experience severe headaches along with blurred vision, vomiting, and seizures, you should see your doctor for the diagnosis. Radiotherapy is an effective procedure that can treat brain tumours. You should discuss radiotherapy information with your doctor prior to the treatment.

2.     Leukaemia

Leukemia is the growth of cancerous cells in the blood-forming tissues of your body, such as bone marrow or the lymphatic system. In this condition, your bone marrow produces plenty of white blood cells that can’t function properly and ruin your health.

Whether you’re suffering from acute or chronic leukaemia, radiation therapy can effectively treat it. This treatment works best if the disease is diagnosed during the early stages. If cancerous cells spread in your body, it may not be easy to cure it.

3.     Oesophageal Cancer

Your oesophagus or food pipe moves food from your mouth to the stomach. Oesophageal cancer begins with the growth of cancerous cells in your oesophagus. It’s more common among men than women and is often associated with the excessive consumption of tobacco or alcohol.

If you experience trouble swallowing food, chest pain, sudden weight loss, and coughing, then you should see your doctor to determine if you’re suffering from oesophageal cancer. Radiotherapy is a safe and effective treatment of this health problem.

4.     Head and Neck Cancers

Swelling, bumps on your head or neck, red or white patches, nasal obstruction, breathing problems, jaw pain, and excessive fatigue are the tell-tale signs of head and neck cancers.

This disease is curable if it’s diagnosed during the early stages. So, it’s in your best interest to visit your doctor if you come across the symptoms. They may suggest you to go for radiation therapy for the treatment.

5.     Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common causes of death of women everywhere. However, the increasing awareness about this condition has considerably increased the survival rate. If you notice irregular bumps or dimpling, you should discuss it with your doctor.

If you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, radiotherapy can be the most suitable treatment option. It eliminates malignant cells and helps you live a cancer-free life.

Radiation therapy is an effective cure for different types of cancers and other critical conditions. It kills cancer-causing cells to help you live a healthy life and stay fit and fine.