5 Benefits of Deep Sleep on Your Skin


Remember the times when your skin used to be flawless? There were no dramatic pimples, abrasions and dark spots so much so, that you could even brag about your skin for being so unblemished.

If you want to experience those times all over again, follow a good sleep cycle which quite interestingly can work wonders to bring back your skin in its perfect shape.

Here are 5 benefits of sleep for your skin

Fewer wrinkles- While your body is in the phase of deep sleep, your skin can develop collagen, which leads to less sagging. That, in turn, implies that your skin has more bounce and is very less susceptible to wrinkles. Dermatologists are of the opinion that, a mere 5-hour worth of sleep is responsible for leaving twice as much of fine lines in your skin than what a 7-hour sleep does. This means, your skin is dried up that makes imperfections even more prominent. So, if you want to get rid of those annoying wrinkles, the remedy is to sleep more.

A glamorous complexion- The process of blood flow to the skin sees a boost when you are having a sound sleep. That would naturally cause you to wake up to a glowing start to the day. Lack of sleep causes your skin to look diseased and dead.

Skin products can work better- Because of the before-said fact that, blood flows rapidly during the sleep; it is a good idea to apply all of your skin & anti-aging night creams during the night. Due to proper blood-flow to the skin, it becomes more prone to absorption of all kinds of product. Whatever you might use, be it a cream or a moisture, it will be more beneficial during the night almost all the time.

More nourished hair- Decreased sleep may lead to damage, loss and less growth rate of your hair. Hair follicles absorb all the necessary nutrients like vitamins and proteins from the blood which makes for another good reason to sleep more. By sleeping more, you can be assured that all the hair follicles are being taken perfect care of. Besides, some doctors are of the opinion that, less amount of sleep and increased stress causes more secretion of the hormone cortisol which triggers even more loss of hair.

Happier look- A good amount of sleep ensures that there’s no unwanted drooping of the muscles of your mouth that may lead you to look saddened and unhappy. Without proper sleep, your facial muscles also show irregular behavior that can make you look rather tired and exhausted. Your eyes are also prone to look more reddish and swollen which can hamper your overall appearance.

Bottom line

These were some of the points of how your skin is being benefitted from a prolonged sleep. It has been experimentally found that people with a lack of sleep and rest look far inferior in terms of appearance to the ones who have undergone a sound sleep. A good nights’ sleep reboots your energy level as well and a joyous mood also plays its part in making your skin look polished.